Important information about our fees:

Before you move in:

When you rent a property from us we will charge you a one-off fee per property. This charge is the agency fee of £270 inc VAT for room lets, £400 inc VAT for flat lets + £150 per additional person after the initial two tenant and £400 inc VAT for house lets + £150 per additional person after the initial two tenants. This covers the cost of referencing each tenant (identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current employers, previous landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability), contract negotiation and the cost of your check in, including key copies and inventories.

Other fees that may be charged depending on your circumstances at the start of a tenancy:

  • Changing a tenancy commencement date after initial tenancy has been agreed.
  • £80
  • Adding or removing tenant(s) from a proposed tenancy after an offer is accepted.
  • £52
  • Processing a guarantor application (only required if the initial reference checks fail), covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the tenancy agreement.

  • £90
  • Additional referencing costs for a couple (room share)
  • £100
  • Writing additional or amending clauses for tenancy (at tenant’s request)
  • £26

Fees that may arise during the course of a tenancy:

  • Writing additional clauses for tenancy agreements (at tenants request) covering contract negotiation, amending terms and updating tenancy agreement.

  • £26
  • Renewal of tenancy agreement, covering contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and preparing relevant document.

  • £100
  • Organising extra/replacing lost keys/ providing access.
  • £50
  • Replacement tenant fee/ removing current tenant from an existing AST (including referencing and new AST).
  • £150
  • Refusing access for a property inspection.
  • £40
  • Producing bespoke letters on behalf of tenants.
  • £10
  • Switching room’s in the property during your tenancy.
  • £100

Fees that may be charged at the end of your tenancy:

  • Future landlord reference fee, covering collating information and preparing a reference for a future landlord or letting agency (Fee applies to per person).

  • £35